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Eco Aqua Lodges

Symphony Eco Lodge

Symphony Eco Lodge with Roof Terrace

Contemporary Naturelle Lodge

Superbly designed Contemporary Eco Lodges:


 Choose a single Eco Lodge or an Entire Floating Eco Village


 All Pods can be connected to land Services or


Can be fitted with Solar Panels & waterless dry toilets or incinerating toilet


Aqua Lodges bring a unique take on ecological living both on water as well as on land.


 Unlock the commercial potential of your lakes with our unique contemporary or rustic Mini Chalets or Pods


 Choose from One , Two or Three bed options with or without roof terrace


 All our lodges are fully fitted with kitchen, WC/Shower, Heating, LED Lights, Gas or Electric Options.


 These lodges require very little maintenance & have a 10 year warranty.


 Lodges for Permanent living, Glamping, Boutique shops, Offices, Wedding venues, Resorts

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