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MOAT M.2 House Boats

Superbly designed contemporary M.2 House Boats/Hotel Suites

Designed & Produced by MOAT MANUFACTURE

         Choose a single Eco Suite or an Entire Floating Eco Resort

         All House boats can be connected to land Services or

         Can be fitted with Solar Panels & waterless dry toilets or incinerating toilet

         Floating Habitats bring a unique take on ecological living both on water as well as on land.

         Unlock the commercial potential of your Marina or lakes with our unique contemporary hotel suites         

         All our houseboats are fully fitted with kitchenette, WC/shower, Heating, LED Lights, double bed & two single beds.

              The kitchenette & beds are cleverly designed & can be folded away to offer more space for living areas.

         An optional roof terrace can also be added.

         These Floating Moats require very little maintenance.

For more details and inquiry about anything don’t hesitate to contact us.